Rund um die Bastei


The directions to the region around the Bastei, on the right side of the Elbe, differ due to the locations of the four main places. Stadt Wehlen and the spa resort of Rathen are directly on the Elbe, and the municipalities of Lohmen, Bastei and the castle city of Hohnstein are at altitude above the Elbe. All locations can be reached just as easily without a car, thanks to a well-constructed local public transport network.

By train

With the train you go from your home town to Dresden central train station. Here, you change to the suburban railway S1 in the direction of Schöna. You can travel directly to Stadt Wehlen or the spa resort of Rathen, with the S1 line. According to the landlord’s address, you have then arrived, or you need to get to the other side of the Elbe with the ferry. You can find the tourist information in Stadt Wehlen in the market place, on the right side of the Elbe. In the spa resort of Rathen, one of the two tourist information offices is directly opposite the stop for the suburban railway.
To travel to the municipality of Lohmen and the castle town of Hohnstein, you also travel with the suburban railway S1 from Dresden central station to Pirna. Here, you can walk from the station to the bus terminal, then take the regional bus line 237 in the direction of Lohmen, Bastei, Rathewalde to Hohnstein and/or the relevant districts.

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By bike

f you plan to use a bike as your means of transport on holiday, there are excellent conditions along the Elbe cycle path. Saxon Elbland, Dresden and Saxon Switzerland are full of appealing landscapes, and offer a multitude of cultural sights along the route. Stadt Wehlen and the spa resort of Rathen are directly on the Elbe cycle path.
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By steamboat

Travelling with the paddle steamer from Sächsische Dampfschiffahrt provides an exclusive travel opportunity. Just like with cyclists, here, the holiday already begins on the journey. If you can spend your holiday without time pressure, you can enjoy the fantastic natural and cultural landscape between Dresden and Saxon Switzerland, from the river. You can find shipping piers in Stadt Wehlen and the spa resort of Rathen. From Stadt Wehlen, you can get to Lohmen, Bastei, Rathewalde and Hohnstein with the regional bus.

By car

From the direction of Chemnitz or Leipzig, take the A4 to the motorway interchange West, continue onto the A17 direction Prague, to the Pirna exit. To get to the spa resort of Rathen (Oberrathen, left side of the Elbe), take the B172 direction Bad Schandau, via Struppen, Weißig directly to the Elbe car park, and for Stadt Wehlen district of Pötzscha (left of the Elbe) via Struppen, Naundorf. To get to Lohmen, Stadt Wehlen, Bastei, Rathewalde and Hohnstein, go straight across the Elbe bridge direction Bastei, Neustadt in Sachsen, after the motorway exit.

From Berlin, take the A13 to the Dresden Nord interchange, then take the A4 direction Görlitz to the Burkau exit, via Neustadt in Sachsen, then follow the signs for Bastei to Hohnstein, spa resort Rathen, Rathewalde, Bastei, Stadt Wehlen and Lohmen.

Our tip for your stay in the region around the Bastei:

The transport of the OVPS is available when planning all trips and hikes. This option makes you flexible, saves you the search for parking spaces, and is close to nature and environmentally friendly. Apart from the regional buses, the suburban railway and ferries, there are a number of offers specially provided for tourism, such as the hiking bus, hiking ship, bike bus or even tourist train and bus lines across the border into Bohemian Switzerland. You can obtain brochures and information material from the tourist information.

We hope you have a good journey, and a pleasant stay in our region around the Bastei.